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Association Management

D.A. Rich Company specializes in the management of condominium/homeowners’ associations. Our company delivers a wide range of expertise and association management services that can be tailored to an organization’s needs and their budgets while providing strong support to Board leaderships.

Financial Services

  • Distribution of monthly statements for all charge notices
  • Collection of common charges
  • Timely journal entry of data and deposit of fees collected
  • Assessment of late charges and referrals to attorney made in accordance with policies of the association
  • Collection follow up working in close liaison with attorney
  • Receipt, approval, and payment of bills
  • Production of a balanced general ledger with cash receipts and disbursement journals
  • Reconciliation of bank statements for each account
  • Preparation of financial statement and data for accountant
  • Tax preparation, if applicable
  • Preparation of recommended annual budget or for the following fiscal year and update asset-life study

Administrative/Clerical Services

  • Organizing attendance at meetings
  • Performance on database maintenance
  • Recordkeeping of maintenance and retention
  • Development of yearly management plans
  • Working in liaison with attorney
  • After hours answering and coordination of emergency services
  • Supervision and enforcement of rules and regulations
  • Coordination of insurance
  • Organization for compliance with Connecticut General Statutes
  • Overseeing all correspondence/mailings

Maintenance Services

  • Bid preparation, coordination, evaluation, and recommendations
  • Collection, review, and evaluations of work orders
  • Record keeping of work history by unit, building, and type of work
  • Respond to necessary work orders
  • Coordination of minor repairs and maintenance
  • Inspection of the property
  • Supervision and inspection over the work of all on and off-site personnel and vendors