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Property Evaluation

D.A. Rich Company provides property preservation, maintenance, repair, inspection, tenant occupied services, and additional services. We provide these services to commercial, industrial, multi and single-family properties, financial institutions, REITs, commercial real estate developers, receivers, and insurance companies. We understand the unique challenges facing the default services industry and offer comprehensive solutions that streamline the management of assets, providing solutions to the industry’s growing needs.

Property Evaluation

Evaluation services are offered in support of clients at various stages of default management and REO liquidation process. Services include:

  • Occupancy checks
  • Review, analyze and obtain BPO evaluations by experienced REO realtors to establish asset values
  • Property inspections

REO Property Preservation

Our asset managers can support needs anywhere in the country by administering the maintenance and repair of our clients’ REO properties including work on budgeting, bids, and other tasks including:

  • Boarding/securing the property
  • Debris removal
  • Cleaning and janitorial services
  • Extermination
  • Winterization
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Environmental maintenance
  • Basic property maintenance such as lawn care and snow removal

Property Evictions

D. A. Rich Company works in conjunction with eviction attorneys, real estate agents, and local authorities to manage eviction processes. Services include:

  • Rent control management
  • REO evictions management
  • Rental lease analysis in accordance with the Tenants in Foreclosure Act
  • Rental management for tenant occupied REOs
  • Management of the “cash for keys” process

Property Monitoring

Services include:

  • Supervision of repairs and maintenance
  • Overseeing timely payment of all property expenses
  • Regulation of monthly inspection reports to ensure the property is upheld to client guidelines and local and state regulations
  • Organization of property inspections with realtors and appraisers
  • Coordination with attorneys, realtors, auction companies and financial institutions with regard to the sale of the property

Risk Mitigation

Our managers continually review and monitor state and local guidelines on default and REO properties including redemption and confirmation rights. Services include:

  • Organizing attendance at meetings
  • Advisement for clients on liability and risk exposure created from properties
  • Ensuring all vendors and service providers are aware of any changing regulations
  • Preparation of historical records on all default and REO actions for a comprehensive audit trail

Property Finances

Services include:

  • Rent and income collection
  • Production of monthly delinquency reports
  • Coordination with owner’s attorney on collection matters
  • Receipt of bills, verification and payment
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Preparation of comprehensive annual budget, if applicable
  • Assistance with and/or initiation of long-range planning
  • Coordination of the year-end tax filing and audit with the accountant if applicable

Marketing, Sales and Liquidation

D.A. Rich Company, LLC provides creative solution-oriented REO marketing, sales and liquidation strategies for our clients that yield superior turn times and maximum return of capital. Our goal is to generate cash recovery for our clients as quickly as possible so that their capital investment can be returned. We support a wide range of REO marketing programs, including traditional listings, short sales, auctions and bulk sales. Our asset management professionals manage every step of the sales process, including offer negotiations, closing coordination, disclosures and contract document packages for settlement. We provide complete administration of the closing process.